The staff at my school loves Jupiter Grades. It is far superior!

Dana Haddad

Portola M.S., LAUSD

I have a list of things I’d love to give feedback on, just this one hit me
hard during final grading of trying to balance critical thinking
questioning as well as aligning more to smarter balance style. I teach
science so it’s been a great experience and I am in love with Jupiter Ed.

Dawn Fregosa

Madison Park Academy, CA

I love and feel that it is a great asset as a teacher. Very user friendly compared to the other online gradebooks and online tools for me as a teacher.

Emily Ekstrand
Pinellas Preparatory Academy, FL

Kudos to the Jupiter Ed Support Team!

"Thanks for responding really super duper quick. I do appreciate it and if you were a faculty member here, you would be getting starbucks or dunkin donuts from me tomorrow morning." ​

Patricia Sasson Assistant Principal Operations & School Services Gardens School of Technology Arts

I was using Canvas…before Jupiter Ed came out with the awesome new editions for accepting docs, links, and using rubrics and peer reviews! Haven’t touched Canvas since.

Ben Black

Sweetwater ISD, San Diego, CA

About half of the secondary teachers have already been using Jupiter on their own, without any training whatsoever. Cool.

Russ Lipton

The Oaks Classical Christian Academy, WA

We really like your product and I appreciate your customer service. It is all very valuable to us.

Tony Perry

Salem Lutheran School, MI

I truly LOVE Jupiter Grade. Thank you for a superior product. Even after using Easy Grade Pro from 19 years ago, Jupiter Grade is the best.

Orlando Ramirez


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"I want to share a wonderful discovery that was shared with me- JUPITER GRADES. Now, if your school is like my school, there is probably some school provided/mandated grading system in place. However, even if that is the case, this program is totally worth checking out."

I am excited about the new features being added.

Sharyn Gray

Turquoise Trail Charter School

Jupiter Ed

Jupiter Ed